Freeing Doctors to Be the Leaders They Are: A Treatment for Physician Burnout

Authoritarian, command-and-control, orders followed to a T—that’s what most of us assume about military leadership. Movies and media tell us it’s true, especially when it comes to high intensity environments. If we don’t have total control, how will we be safe from attack or catastrophe! It’s strange, then, to discover that a person trained in […] Continue Reading

Healthcare Leadership for Balance, Not Battle: Grow Your True Genius

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.” When Winston Churchill shared this wisdom, I doubt he was thinking of healthcare leadership in the twenty-first century. Doctors, nurses, and other providers understand the Churchill quote viscerally. It’s a description of every minute of their workday. Danielle Ofri even created […] Continue Reading

The Mystery of Technology and Healthcare: 3 Clues to Follow Now

Way back in 2014, the world faced a milestone—of sorts. It certainly said something about how far we had come in our technological lives. A man in Taiwan filed for divorce from his wife, claiming her smartphone addiction as the cause. I doubt it was the first time technology and relationships clashed in exactly that […] Continue Reading

Flappers, Dante’s Inferno, and the Art of Medicine: A Conversation with ZDoggMD

Today, medicine is a business, informed by science, that desperately needs more art. The art of medicine is the best business there is. In an epic conversation with Zubin Damania, MD—aka ZDoggMD—we cover the challenges of the art, the science, and the business, and especially the balance between them. Even better, we take a host […] Continue Reading

How to Move Health Care in the Right Direction

The truth about change in health care was never more perfectly captured than in an episode of Sex and the City, when Carrie Bradshaw lamented that we keep “should-ing all over ourselves.” As a nation, we’ve been bogged down in the “shoulds” for too long—what our providers “should” be doing, what patients “should” be experiencing, what […] Continue Reading

Doctor Visits: Get the Most Out of Them with 3 Essential Questions

The patient experience is a trickle down of the doctor and practice experience. Layers and layers of new responsibilities are being pushed down onto their shoulders, and then ours. Given the weight, we have to ask, How do we make sure we’re getting the care we want and need? And how can we spend less […] Continue Reading

How to listen to patients and use what they tell you to grow

If we keep refusing to pay attention when patients, providers, and practice staff tell us what they want, we shouldn’t be surprised when they divorce themselves, in one way or another, from the goals we all aspire to—or even from healthcare entirely. This medical group sidestepped that problem at just the right moment by asking, […] Continue Reading

The Doctor-Patient Relationship: It’s Important for All of Us

For physicians to do a good job, they need a partnership with their patients. They need to get to know them, their needs, and their social determinants of health so that they can build a therapeutic plan that makes sense. For patients, when there is trust and communication in the relationship, the outcomes are significantly […] Continue Reading