It’s Time to Reengage Patients and Bring them Back to the Practice

Recently, I was asked why there’s been a “permanent” drop in patient visits for some practices or providers. I was initially stumped by the question. After a little thought, I gave the same response I’ve given to so many questions in the past year: “We don’t know yet if that’s true.” Yet in Medscape’s annual […] Continue Reading

Healthcare Leadership for Balance, Not Battle: Grow Your True Genius

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.” When Winston Churchill shared this wisdom, I doubt he was thinking of healthcare leadership in the twenty-first century. Doctors, nurses, and other providers understand the Churchill quote viscerally. It’s a description of every minute of their workday. Danielle Ofri even created […] Continue Reading

The Mystery of Technology and Healthcare: 3 Clues to Follow Now

Way back in 2014, the world faced a milestone—of sorts. It certainly said something about how far we had come in our technological lives. A man in Taiwan filed for divorce from his wife, claiming her smartphone addiction as the cause. I doubt it was the first time technology and relationships clashed in exactly that […] Continue Reading