My 2022 Predictions for Healthcare: Not a One

A month ago, I was talking with my editor about my next article. I’ve never written a typical healthcare prediction article, so we thought maybe this would be the year to try (cue laugh track). I could cover big topics like staffing, vaccines, technology, new delivery models, policy shifts, money shifts. But when I sat […] Continue Reading

Staffing Shortages in Healthcare: 3 Leadership Superpowers to Use Now

Like an average Joe or Jane who has been bitten by a radioactive spider or exposed to an alien artifact, the average employee has emerged from the last two years with a superpower. With that new economic power comes a new perspective on life and work, especially in healthcare. They’re tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, […] Continue Reading

3 Challenges Healthcare Leaders Will Face in 2022

When the vaccine was available for my 83-year-old mother-in-law, she told us she was waiting for a call from her doctor’s office to schedule an appointment. I asked, “Did you check your email?” “No, why would they email me?” But of course, they had, through the patient portal. A few weeks later, she said, “Do […] Continue Reading

Creating a Hybrid Workplace Strategy

This spring, my organization, like many others, discovered that we were standing atop a “burning platform.” I think the best thing to do when you’re facing leadership urgencies is to try to see through them to the opportunities. Take the two burning issues we were facing. 1. The demand for a hybrid workplace. Data gathered over […] Continue Reading