What Do We Really Value in Medicine?

This fundamental question about medicine can get lost in all of our discussions about healthcare. And nowhere are we losing sight of it more than in our efforts to measure quality and pay on value. If what we want is high-quality care from highly motivated physicians that creates great outcomes, we need to look at […] Continue Reading

Doctors loathe their EHRs, right? Not these physicians

Amid the uproar about how hard electronic health records can be to use, a small contingency of doctors are saying the software has made them much better caregivers. EHR dissatisfaction is rampant. Doctors complain about too many clicks and unusable interfaces, to name just two common issues. Health IT pros and clinicians hear and read […] Continue Reading

Millennials Entering the Workforce will Spur EHR Redesign

Millennials are accustomed to more of an Amazon-elegance in their systems. As just about everyone knows by now, perhaps the most frequently discussed topic in health IT circles for the past year has been how electronic health records (EHRs) and other technology have contributed to physician burnout. This has been a major area of concern […] Continue Reading

What happens behind the curtain in healthcare

As a patient, understanding what happens “behind the curtain” can help you better cope with modern healthcare realities. In this conversation with Kathryn Zox, I outline the essentials that we should all know, and that will help us each contribute to positive change. Listen to the interview Continue Reading

The Art of Medicine Is on Life Support, and That’s Bad for All of Us

At the front lines of medicine—where physicians, patients, and practices meet to heal injury and illness—frustration is rampant. As the art of medicine slips down the totem pole, the things that can make medicine more rewarding and more effective fall with it. It doesn’t have to be this way. We all have the power to […] Continue Reading

Health Care that Works: 3 Shifts to Help Get Us There

What if health regulators agreed that for every new complex responsibility they want to require of patients, physicians, or medical practices, they first take one away? What if we asked physicians what they really wanted and then used that to incentivize them instead of money? What if we gave trusting relationships in medicine room to […] Continue Reading